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Gonczi & Son Ltd.  has won financial support in the year 2007 under No. gop-2.1.2/c-2007-0042

The application has been submitted under title „enlargement of the scope of procession and products within the field of manufacturing steel structure at the place of business of Gönczi és Fia Kft. in Kunhegyes”, within the frame of Operational Program for Developing the Economy, under subject supporting complex investments establishing workplaces in less-developed subregions.

The project was intended to expansion and modernization of equipments, including first of all establishment of an outside crane and a crane way operating on a steel structure, due to the fact that our market perspectives has widen out in respect of both export needs and domestic demand by reason of joining the EU. For the purchase of equipment not only the equipment of the crane and the support of the crane was essential, but also an integral part was the purchase of various development tools (permeability skive, airbrush, milling machines, drilling machines, welding machines, lathe) which provide a complex technological line for the manufacture of the tanks advanced MIG welding, technical palette and which provides a great production growth.Our clientele has grown wider also for this reason. Increase of incomes has implied the necessity of enlarging product portfolio. Besides quality improvement, instruments purchased under application investment allowed us more precise completion of greater and heavier workpieces than before, assuring thereby the showing up of new potential customers.

Our main aim was to start production of new types of tanks, using other thicknesses of materials and using new methods of manufacturing tanks at our plant. Besides containers, the necessity of expansion also appears during production of new steel structures. Our turnover and capacity has increased continuously over recent years. As a result thereof new customers shown up at our company what made development of newer products necessary. IT development helped faster and exacter support of production and base material supply which is essential to effective work. Due to the investment our base material management has improved, our production capacity has increased and our scope of articles has widened in the field of production of steel structures.

The company has established its activity and also its scope of customers. As a result of defaults in productivity and product construction we could not receive the requirements which were submitted upon references and recommendations. The project during which we have implemented a new technology in the field of steel structure and container production abolished these two defaults, enabling us to receive and fulfil orders and to help our company to stay on the market.


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